NOV. 19, 1997, 0645 EST, BLACK WEDNESDAY
Top of the 80 foot tower is barely visible over the trees

Notice the Sheriff's car in the foreground. You'll never learn it in a government school, but America's county form of government creates a system wherein the sheriff has ultimate authority within his county, even over the federal government.

The only way the Federal Government can exercise jurisdiction on land located in the sovereign state of Florida, which is not deeded to the feds, is if one of the 67 county sheriffs allows it.

I have informed the sheriff of my county that the FCC claims to have jurisdiction over interstate and foreign commerce only. I have further informed him that Lutz Community Radio has been involved in neither type.

Using certified delivery mail, I asked Hillsborough County Sheriff, Cal Henderson, to protect Lutz Community Radio from the federal government. I reminded him of his ultimate authority, and the fact that his responsibility is to the Citizens of Hillsborough County, Florida, not the Federal government.

Sheriff Henderson has never had the courtesy to respond to me, except with guns and violence. He has acquired a long-standing reputation for his refusal to meet with any Citizen whose major interest is restoring Constitutional government. If nothing else, at least Sheriff Henderson is consistent.

The first raid, which occurred on March 7, 1996, was preceded by nothing more than a letter from the Tampa FCC office. The letter made no demands. There was no cease and desist order served during the raid. Therefore, soon after the first raid, the radio station was placed back on the air with new equipment.

The FCC's complaint was supported by an affidavit that objected to finding that the radio station could be received up to six miles away. That allegation did not constitute legally admissable evidence of illegal power. Such measurements must be made using specialized electronic equipment, not a car odometer.

The FCC had no right to take my radio equipment. A claim and answer was filed in response to the meritless complaint. The judge refused to analyze the twelve separate and distinct defenses contained in the answer. There was no substantive due process of law. We found the court to be a total fraud!

The terrible abuse we had experienced at the hands of the FCC and courts was incentive for us to contact U.S. Congressman Michael Bilirakis. Mr. Bilirakis promised to intervene on behalf of frightened station listeners. We were hopeful that further state-sponsored terrorism could be prevented.

Unfortunately, U.S. Rep. Bilirakis' promise to help turned out to be an empty one. Telephone calls to his office brought only song and dance stories that were designed, as we learned later, to conceal the fact that a second assault on Lutz Community Radio was being planned by the government.

On Nov. 19, 1997, the government struck again with a massive demonstration of force. Just before daylight, men dressed in flak jackets carrying assault rifles invaded our peaceful neighborhood like a pack of wild animals. While the ground forces positioned themselves for the attack, a helicopter team arrived.  It began flying dangerously low directly over our roof. The entire house literally shook on its foundation. The helicopter was equipped with an intensely bright spotlight which was aimed, alternately, at each window of our home.

Several assault team members arrived at the  front door. They pounded on the door so hard that it rattled windows, all the while they cursed us at the top of their lungs. To say we were terrified is an understatement.

Because we would not unlock the door, a battering ram was readied. Just as two of the aggressors started swinging the ram toward the door, I unlocked it. Two other thugs grabbed hold of my arm and yanked me outside. While the television cameras rolled, I was handcuffed, and hauled away to jail. After ravaging our property for several hours, the goons retreated. They left the outside doors to our home unlocked, demonstrating a criminal mind-set.

The message was clear. If an individual aspires, without permission of the central government, to serve his community using harmless radio airwaves, it will be deemed an extremely serious crime, and delt with accordingly.

During what was essentially, my abduction, I was given a copy of a criminal indictment that, upon analysis, was found to be flawed.  It charged multiple violations of the same activity.  It cited statutes which have never been enacted into positive law. It is no surprise to find that FCC Commissioner Michael Powell recognizes that the FCC subverts the Constitution.

In addition to the intimidation factor, the use of excessive force on Nov. 19th was calculated to discredit - to create an illusion that we are "wackos." For our legal reform activities, a certain faction of local government and media cretins attempted and failed once already to have my county school teacher wife fired. I have my own business, so they went for her job first. There is an ongoing effort to destroy us, because we actively confront criminals in government.

To execute vengeance on me, these outlaws applied new, non-constitutional FCC statutes. They rely heavily on media slant, and the huge gullibility of the public. Classic "show trials" are created, in which the force of law is misapplied in order to destroy the politically incorrect. Fully manipulated juries, prejudiced by the twisted media reports, naively cooperate in the fictitious conversion of honest and productive American citizens into convicted felons.

The mainstream media is mostly responsible for the gullibility and dumbing down of the American people. Since my field is radio-electronics,  I would remind everyone that it is my duty to employ that expertise to help fellow Americans. That is, to help them bypass the filtered media in order to voice their shared concerns. Concerns such as government abuse, for instance. Only an abusive government  would make licensing demands that are impossible to comply with, and then prosecute Citizens for non-compliance.