Bilirakis favors involvement in U.N. !
United Nations

Picture of a Traitor

Bilirakis favors involvement in U.N. !

U.S. Rep. Michael Bilirakis (R) Florida
9th District - Elected 1982; 10th term

In Breach of Public Trust

For Violation of Oath of Office

Please consider taking a moment to convey your thoughts
to Mr. Bilirakis concerning this matter of  state-sponsored
terrorism against a small community radio station.

  • Capitol Office Address:
    2369 Rayburn Building
    Washington, DC  20515-0909

  • Office Phone: 202 225-5755
    Office Fax: 202 225-4085

  • Previous Occupation: Attorney
    Judge, 8 years
    West Pasco Bar Association
    American Bar Association
    Florida Bar Association

Is it possible, even likely, that Mr. Bilirakis is prejudiced against an outspoken judicial reform activist such as Lonnie Kobres?

I am God !

Notable Bilirakis quotes:

Congressional Hearings on the Telecommunications Act of  1996:

Below: A radical reversal of position - perhaps after sufficient campaign contributions from big media?:

Written instructions given to Mr. Phil Kempin, a Lutz Community Radio Supporter:

The Privacy Act form was completed and returned to Mr. Bilirakis.  He refused to fulfill his promise and inquire of the Federal government why it had attacked a tiny community radio station.  Instead, he effectively joined the government's conspiracy against Lutz Community Radio by virtue of his complete silence on the matter.

Does Mr. Bilirakis speak with Forked Tongue or what !