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FCC Chairman Kennard ignores Communications Act.
FCC Chairman Kennard ignores request to investigate jamming,
stands in violation of Freedom of Information Act, as of October 21, 1998.  When Congressman Gingrich received his copy of this letter, he announced his resignation, rather than investigate.

George Zimmerlee
89 Rhodes Drive
Marietta, Georgia
October 3, 1998
Chairman William Kennard
Federal Communications Commission
1919 M Street, NW
Washington, DC 20554

Chairman Kennard:
I request your immediate attention in doing the work of the Commission in executing and enforcing the Communications Act and to assisting in arrest and prosecutions of Commission personnel and personnel of other agencies, to declassify all documents pertaining to these operations and to release all files pertaining to these operations.
Criminal Activity
Included in this package are documents which show that the FCC worked together with the FBI and probably with the U.S. Air Force to knowingly, deliberately, intentionally, willfully, purposefully, maliciously and criminally violate provisions of the Communications Act. Any claim that the FCC was present only to monitor operations for compliance is not believable in light of the violations by Departments of Justice (FBI) and Department of Defense (Air Force). Obviously the mission of FCC at Waco had nothing to do with Communications Act compliance.
Section 706 misuse
Section 706 of the Communications Act allows the President to suspend the Act in certain situations. Some agencies claimed to have violated no laws. If the President invoked Sec.706, this would create a legal status wherein normally illegal operations became "legal", but would have been an abuse of power for political purposes.
During the 1993 assault, standoff, and siege at Waco, Texas between members of the Branch Davidian Church and BATF, FBI, and U.S. and foreign military forces, deliberate interference to various services were carried out by FBI and U.S. Air Force. FBI has admitted to jamming AM and FM broadcasters and television broadcasters in the Waco, Texas area and jamming the Amateur Radio Service. Because of the frequencies in use, the FBI also caused interference to amateur service operations in foreign nations worldwide. Ambassador Holmes admits that U.S. Air Force jammed television broadcasters in the Waco, Texas area.
At no time did any operations of any broadcasters or the amateur station within Mount Carmel Center (the church and home of the Branch Davidians) present any threat or danger to order, public safety, or decency. Broadcasters and the amateur station were in compliance with all laws. FCC took no action against any broadcasters or the amateur station to require suspension of operations. FCC made no notice of illegal operations or technical violations to broadcasters or the amateur station. Therefore, there is no reason for broadcasters or the amateur station to cease or modify operations. FBI made no request of the amateur station to cease operations. FBI did engage in illegal intimidation against broadcasters in the Waco, Texas area by claiming the FBI was part of the same government which issues broadcasting licenses. FBI made no lawful request of broadcasters to cease operations. FBI had no such jurisdiction or authority.
Communications Act Violations
Equipment used for deliberate interference operated by FBI and Air Force were government operated stations. Such operations is in violation of Section 305 (47 USC 305). FCC supplying equipment to and tolerating illegal operations of FBI and Air Force makes FCC a co-conspirator to jamming and, therefore, censorship of broadcasters and the Amateur Radio Service. Such FCC censorship violates Section 326 (47 USC 326). FBI and Air Force personnel operated equipment to willfully and maliciously interfere with stations licensed under the Act. These persons violated Section 333 (47 USC 333). These violations should not be considered a complete list of Communications Act violations, only those which have already been admitted. Since you are charged with execution and enforcement of the Act, you are hereby required to immediately and most judiciously investigate these illegal operations over which you have purview.
Additional Violations
Other violations over which you have purview are illegal wiretapping on the part of the FBI and BATF to intercept telephone communications of the Branch Davidians and illegal interception of a phone call made by David Koresh (Vernon Howell) to the emergency 911 service made by means of a cellular telephone. Such interception was in violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act. Additional violations of ECPA probably took place, namely the interception of cellular communications to strip an electronic identification code for the purpose of determining the cellular service provider used by Koresh. Other illegal operations may have been non-standard operations within the cellular radio service for the purpose of draining battery power of the cellular phone used by Koresh and setting up a counterfeit cell site or clone of a legitimate cell site. I hereby request you investigate these violations in addition to other violations, to declassify all documents pertaining to such operations and to release all files.
Freedom of Information Act notice
Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I request you to release all documents described above as well as all documents which pertain to operations of government at Waco, Texas toward the Branch Davidians or in any way incidental to such operations.
Yours for Justice,
George Zimmerlee (

End of letter to FCC Chairman William Kennard.

Delivered to FCC, 10/06/98 USPS
Delivered to FCC, 10/21/98 FEDEX 09:31 AM
Administrative appeal to FCC, 11/13/98 FEDEX 09:38 AM, a 4-page example of thorough description of possible documents.
All Republican members of Judiciary Committee have copies.
Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, received 11/12/98.
Supporting documents, sent with this package, include Dallas Morning News articles, House Waco Hearings testimony, and FBI letter to Newt Gingrich.

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