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1995 House
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The Evidence for Impeachment
by George Zimmerlee  -  Research on Criminal Government

Better Evidence
While Independent Counsel Starr has presented grounds for impeachment, better evidence and grounds should be pursued. The President has authority under Section 706 of the Communications Act to suspend the Act and enforcement of radio law. Evidence obtained by House Speaker Gingrich, and other evidence, shows Clinton did just this. Such action without justification would be an obvious abuse of power by the chief executive, and an attack on freedoms of speech and press.
Watergate mirror
Nixon denied involvement in the break-in at the Watergate hotel. Clinton denied much involvement in the BATF raid at Waco, Texas. The White House does not deny that Clinton signed Section 706 orders permitting agencies to use radio jamming at Waco. However, the White House violates the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to hide the incriminating evidence. There is a standard in criminal investigation that views hesitation or refusing to answer questions and hiding evidence as an indicator of guilt.
Department of Justice coverup
Criminal involvement widened with investigation of FBI's claim that the U.S. Attorneys gave authorization for the illegal jamming. U.S. Attorneys have no authority to permit crime and will not cover for FBI. Yet, like White House, they protect the guilty, hide evidence and break FOIA, here with an everlasting delay.
Gingrich resignation
Despite the clear language of the Communications Act and overwhelming evidence, Congressman Newt Gingrich lets federal criminals continue in their crime. After four years without action from Gingrich, I must assume he has orders to investigate no further, because of Clinton's involvement and probable guilt.
Following the delivery of a certified-mail package of evidence to Gingrich's office, he announced his resignation as Speaker of the House and his coming resignation as congressman. This clearly demonstrates that Gingrich must leave office rather than get involved with impeachment of the President. He has already stated his position that sexual misconduct and perjury are insufficient for impeachment. When presented with stronger evidence, Gingrich resigned.


Bob Barr's higher loyalty
Congressman Barr, who authored HR 304, a bill to make an Inquiry of Impeachment, verifies having the evidence, but will not use it. The treasonous actions of the U.S. Attorneys were described above. As a former U.S. Attorney, Barr is perversely loyal.
Classified documents
The National Telecommunications and Information Administration withholds classified documents on the amateur radio operators and station at the Branch Davidian Church. FBI and FCC set the classification. The FCC has never taken any action against this station with no record of unlawful or improper operation.
It is extremely curious that such an exemplary station would warrant a secret investigation classified by two government agencies. FCC was present at Waco, claiming to monitor government stations for compliance. FBI and Air Force jamming belies this false mission. Very damaging is the article by Dallas Morning News, April 18, 1993, revealing FCC supplied the equipment for the illegal jamming. FCC and FBI seem to use classification to cover criminal operations.

Documents and transcripts of testimony
A letter from the FBI admits deliberate jamming of an amateur radio station. This admission is augmented by DOD testimony naming Air Force as an illegal jammer.

There are many
references on the
Internet about
filing your own
FOIA request.
Congress is
not subject
to FOIA, but
agencies are.
What you can do
Ask Tom Bliley, Chairman of the House Committee on Commerce, to hit Chairman Kennard of the FCC with a "subpoena duces tecum", to appear before a Commerce hearing to explain how Section 706 action to suspend the Communications Act would make jamming operations legal and to explain why he does not enforce the Communications Act against jamming. Ask Congressman Barr to account for his inaction and what appears to be misprision of a felony. Ask FCC Chairman William Kennard to account for crimes of the FCC in support of FBI jamming at Waco, ask for declassification of documents about FCC and FBI operations, the amateur station and operators at Mount Carmel Center, and Air Force jamming at Waco, Texas. Use Federal Express letter delivery with an Internet tracking number. Print the materials at this website and include them with your letter as a means of explaination.

Chairman Tom Bliley
Commerce Committee
2125 Rayburn House Bldg
Washington DC 20515-1315
Congressman Bob Barr
1130 Longworth HOB
Washington DC 20515
Chairman William Kennard
Federal Communications Commission
1919 M Street, NW
Washington DC 20554

George Zimmerlee  1998  Research on Criminal Government  Rev. 11/98
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