Ralph M. Barlow directing theft of Kelly Benjamin's tower.

Ralph M. Barlow (R) directing theft1 of Kelly Benjamin's (87X) radio tower in the early morning hours of November 19, 1997.

Barlow is said to hold the position of "Engineer in Charge" of the Tampa, Florida, Federal Communication Commission office.  The record shows, in the Federal case against Lonnie Kobres for broadcasting without an unavailable radio station license, that Barlow prefers to use force, as opposed to the constitutional approach of dialog or minimum court process, when carrying out his objectives.


Ralph M. Barlow (foreground) stealing Kelly Benjamin's private property.

Ralph Barlow is shown here stealing miscellaneous Benjamin property

The universal eagerness of Federal agents to take private property without due process of law is proof that these individuals are unfit to carry out their primary duty to support and defend the Constitution for the united States of America and the Bill of Rights.   Agents such as Ralph Barlow (above) opt to be a tiny cog in the giant Federal wheel trampling states' rights a little more each day.  As anyone who has seriously studied the Constitution knows, the FCC has no authority over non-commercial radio transmissions whose effect is wholly confined within the legal boundaries of the sovereign state of Florida.


1  The word "theft" is used here because the FCC did not have Lawful authority to remove Mr. Benjamin's antenna tower.  Benjamin's radio signals were confined within the geographic boundries of Florida.  Click here for further explanation.


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