Mission Statement

The objective in creating this Web site is to incorporate information that would be of interest to individuals capable of independent thought. Many who possess that gift have by now concluded that the version of fact offered by the mainstream media frequently bears little resemblance to the truth.

Many believe that a lack of truthful information has placed our traditional American way of life in jeopardy. In the last decade this author has used various means, including low-power broadcasting, to reach out to those who would work to preserve our American way of life.

The author's commitment to traditional American ideals has attracted the attention of individuals who have no interest in the preservation of our heritage.  In contrast, those individuals work hard to destroy prior achievements.   They wish to establish a new societal order. They will not hesitate to use the staggering power of big government to inflict injury on anyone who would dare resist their master plan.

Extreme treachery against nationalistic-minded Americans is exposed in the truth-filled pages of this Web site. Unfortunately, such abuse continues to occur because the numbers of knowledgeable, patriotic Americans is insufficient at the moment. But our numbers continue to grow rapidly!

It is hoped that Americans who treasure their heritage will see the need to become involved in the one true patriot movement - the one that is under constant attack by big government and the major media. As long as we possess our liberty teeth and our resolve, we can avoid the complete loss of everything America originally stood for. -LK