Florida Christian Leaders Response to National Emergency

March 8, 1999

Honorable Jeb Bush
State of Florida
Tallahassee, Florida

 Dear Governor Bush,

Congratulations on being elected Governor of this great state. It is an awesome duty, to fulfill the office of Governor, the trust of the people being placed in your care.

Many Christians voted for you, and lobbied for thousands of others to put you in office, believing you to be the best viable candidate to protect their freedoms and to provide a positive motivation to our children concerning their future.

It is on behalf of Christians in this state that we, the Florida Christian Leaders Coalition, write you concerning a most important issue.

After considerable research, in the archives of the government of the United States and of the state of Florida, we have come to a very disturbing conclusion. WE ARE LIVING UNDER EMERGENCY GOVERNMENT!! The following is but a capsule of the startling information we have discovered.

1. The President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt,
on March 6, 1933, declared to a congress of the Governors of
the several states, that a "national state of emergency" existed
in America, in the form and nature of the economy.

2. The Governors of the several States, in a unanimous supportive
vote, recommended to the Congress of the United States of America,
that broad executive powers be granted to the President, to wage a war
on the "economic enemy;" and to wage a war as though there were an
actual physical enemy. These powers would not be available under
"normal Constitutional process."

3. On March 9, 1933, the Congress of the United States of America,
voted to give to the President of the United States, and to the Secretary
of the Treasury, the "emergency powers" sanction to wage such a war
through executive orders, which were approved in advance.
(codified in 12 USC Sect. 95 a & b) (see attached Proclamation 2038)

4. The authority conferred by subdivision (b) of section 5 of the
Trading with the Enemy Act of October 6, 1917 was amended
by the passage of the Bank Conservation Act, without debate, by the
10th Congress to accommodate Proclamation 2039, to include the
"citizens" of the United States, by and through their ability
to own gold and silver, as an "enemy" of the United States.

"During time of war or during any other period of national
emergency declared by the President, the President may,
through any agency that he may designate... investigate,
regulate, or prohibit, under such rules and regulations as he
may prescribe, by means of licenses or otherwise, any transactions...
defined by the President... by any person within the United States
or any place subject to the jurisdiction thereof; and the President
may require any person engaged in any transaction referred to in
this subdivision to furnish under oath, complete information relative
thereto, including the production of any books of account, contracts,
letters or other papers, in connection therewith in the custody or
control of such person, either before or after such transaction is

5. July, 1935, the Congress of the State of Florida, in an ex poste
facto law, unanimously approved the acts of the Governor of Florida,
David Schultz, for helping President Roosevelt bring Emergency
Government to the State of Florida.
(see attached Resolution 19, Laws of Florida)

6. The United States Senate Special Committee on the State of
National Emergency, on November 13, 1973
, filed and submitted
to Congress, Senate Report 93-549, in which they evidenced
that "freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the
Constitution" had been abridged by a declared state of national
emergency existing for 40 years in the United States of America,
and in fact "no such state of emergency actually existed."
Further, that all Acts declaring said emergency should then and there
be repealed.
(see attached sections of report 93-549)

7. Based largely upon the above mentioned Report, the Congress of
the United States of America, on September 14, 1976, passed Public
Law 94-412, terminating within two years any existing state or states
of national emergency and any laws that had been made, based upon
such emergency. However, in the same Act, all "provisions of law,
the powers and authorities conferred thereby, and actions taken"
under Section 5(b) of the Act of October 6, 1917, as amended
(12 USC 95a) were exempted ----- leaving us in a "declared state
of national emergency" to this date. (by Executive Order, Nov. 1998,
President William J. Clinton continued the emergency)

The results of the above stated acts have effectively suspended the contract between the "people" and their federal government, (at least in the civil courts), known as the Constitution of the United States of America, and placed the "people" in a precarious and undesirable position.

The unalienable rights, as named in the federal Constitution, have become null and void, and have been replaced with privileges.

The "people" of the state of Florida have been living, and continue to live, under a state of emergency and to be ruled by executive order, rather than by lawful, Constitutional, self-governing rule ---------- this amounts to a federal dictatorship.

To insure freedom for our families and our posterity, the Florida Christian Leaders Coalition has a responsibility to perform the duty as a "watchman on the wall." We have been holding assemblies within the state, informing people of the problem and seeking their desires to remedy the situation. We have signed petitions from representatives in nearly every county, requesting the Coalition to investigate this area of concern and to contact our elected officials as to a solution to restore our republican form of government guaranteed in the Constitution. These are people who voted for you to be Governor, hoping you will do your duty in safeguarding their rights and liberty.

Governor Bush, when the Legislature of the State of Florida is presented with our petition to end this "state of emergency government" , will you support our effort to restore to the people of the state their rightful government?

Your father, President George Bush, in an address to the U.S. Senate, on January 20, 1999, in the Old Chamber Room, denounced this War Powers authority in a speech to the Senate, stating, "Like all of my predecessors, I believe the War Powers Act to be unconstitutional." Will you side with him and the concerned citizens of this state in this vital issue concerning our freedoms and liberty? 

As it is our right, and duty, to petition our government for "redress of grievances", on the behalf of those we represent, we are presenting our elected officials with a "Petition to End Emergency Government in the State of Florida." They, and we, are asking you to bring this to the immediate attention of the legislature, and to restore our republican form of government, guaranteed in the constitution of the State of Florida, and of the United States of America, both of which all the Legislature and yourself have sworn to "uphold and defend."

If additional evidence is needed, we will be pleased to send a representative to meet with you or your personal assistant.

We prayerfully await your answer to this critical situation.

Yours in Liberty, for Christ’s sake,

Steering Committee

Florida Christian Leaders Coalition





1. FDR declares national state of emergency.

2. Governors give unanimous support to FDR to wage war on economic enemy.

3. Congress gives approval to President to use Executive Orders to wage war.

4. Trading with the enemy act passed.

5. Florida Congress gives approval of emergency government.

6. Special Senate Committee makes report on emergency government.

7. U.S. Congress passed Public Law to terminate emergency government.

Attached Exhibits:

A - Proclamation 2038

B - Florida Public Law, Resolution 19

C - Excerpts of Senate Report 93-549



Copy of March 8, 1999, letter to Governor Bush hand delivered to all Florida State Representatives on Thursday, March 11, 1999.

Dear Representative,

Please read the attached letter and documentation to Gov. Jeb Bush, being delivered to him and every representative and senator of the State of Florida, concerning the "state of emergency government" we find ourselves in.

Upon diligent research and investigation, I find it totally unnecessary, as did the 93d Congress of the United States, that the "people" of our State should still be under this authority.

Please be informed that a delegation of the Florida Christian Leaders Coalition will visit Tallahassee in the near future, and will present a copy of this letter and documentation to each elected official of this State, with a petition to end this form of government in our State, and will report the results to those who have asked us to represent them in this cause.

Respectfully yours,


Pastor Richard Mooneyhan
Florida Christian Leaders Coalition
citizen of Putnam County, Florida state