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Mexican car signs in Los Angeles:  
"Fuck You, this is still Mexico" 
News & Commentary 
By: Hal Turner 

Monday, February 5, 2001 

Los Angeles, CA -- While the rest of America is being told to "celebrate multiculturalism," some of those we've welcomed to this nation have a very different idea. It isn't being given any coverage in the local newspapers.  You certainly won't be seeing it on television.  But thousands Mexicans living in Los Angeles are aggressively bashing the United States with illuminated L.E.D. car signs that read "Fuck You, this is still Mexico." 

mexico1.jpg (28155 bytes) 

This is an extension of ongoing, open hostilities by Mexicans throughout southern California against the US.  

Last year, on the Fourth of July, Mexicans launched organized protests against the US, burning American Flags in front of a Veterans Cemetery then attacking  white Americans protesting illegal immigration.   

Aside from some local coverage, the rest of the nation heard little or nothing about the anti-American hatred being spewed, or the violent attacks on Americans by Mexican immigrants - most of them, illegals. 

Augustine Cebeda of the Brown Berets de Aztlan as he spoke on Channel 2 News: "Mexicans have every right to be here. This land was stolen from us." (KCBS TV)  Man on American side wears souvenir of July 4, 1996, assault on VCT. "I survived the Battle of Westwood." (KABC TV)
Rancher Roger Barnett as shown on Univision, Spanish language TV, (Univision)    Mexicans run across Wilshire beginning assault on Americans. (Univision)
Mexican thug crosses street and attacks American. (GD LA Channel 13) Other Americans chase after Mexican attacker. 
(GD LA Channel 13)
Federal cop wrestles masked Mexican to ground. Mexicans burn American flag in front of Veterans cemetery. This is from "Univision" Spanish language TV.
Mexicans pummel Federal police with signs. Note how sign is folded back by acceleration of swing. (KCBS TV) Nationwide there were 92 reports of Westwood violence, including this report in New York City. 

The incidents on July 4, and this latest America-bashing crusade using L.E.D. car signs is an example of the danger of multiculturalism.  When people are encouraged to consider themselves members of sub-groups rather than simply "Americans" the consequences can be dangerous.   

History is replete with examples of such balkanization in other countries leading to violence.  One need only look at Kosovo, Bosnia or Rwanda to see recent examples of  group-identity leading to death and destruction. But in this case, ethnic pride is less the situation than is real-estate. 

Many of the Mexicans involved in this bash-America movement are part of groups seeking to reverse the outcome of the Mexican American War!  These people view southern California, much of Arizona and New Mexico including the western portion of Texas to be sovereign Mexican territory.  They refer to it as Aztlan.  

While some have heard of this Aztlan movement over the course of several years, there has never been widespread coverage of it in the media.  Through this story, we hope to begin changing the media silence. 

The new Bush Administration has a lot on its plate and many of the issues they must confront are far more important in the immediate future.  But the Administration would be wise to pay attention to this issue because our nation ought not tolerate foreigners within our borders whose mission includes redrawing the geographic boundaries of the United States.  

As Citizens, we must make clear to everyone - especially those with little L.E.D. signs in their cars - that breaking up the United States will not be permitted.  Those who attempt to do otherwise should be confronted by whatever means are necessary, and assisted with their exit from the country - whether they want to leave or not.