"Non-Commercial" Low-Power FM License is a Fraud

For a description of the new "non-commercial" low-power FM license click here.

Fact: The FCC was created by the Communications Act of 1934.  As shown in the below excerpt from the Act, the intent of Congress was for the FCC to regulate interstate and foreign commerce, not non-commercial activity.

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Communications Act of 1934



SEC. 1. For the purpose of regulating interstate and foreign commerce...

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The above intent of the lawmakers was codified in 47 U.S.C., Section 151 and 152

"... the intent of the lawmaker is to be found in the language that he
has used." -- United States Supreme Court in U.S. v. Goldberg (1897)

The so-called "non-commercial" license can prevail only with collusion between officials who are willing to ignore the intent of the framers of the Constitution aided and abetted by citizens too gullible and decadent to object.

The letter below shows at least one official acknowledges that the FCC has no authority to license short range, intrastate broadcasts, whether commercial in nature or not:

Letter to Eric Johnson shows some FCC personnel understand Federal jurisdiction within the States.

As presently administered, this is where the FCC fits best:
Plank Six of the Communist Manifesto

You might ask, "But what would we do without the FCC!".

Answer: You could start by reading Ayn Rand's "The Property Status of Airwaves".