FCC was sent this letter explaining rationale for non-licensed operation of Lutz Community Radio The FCC never objected to the explanation
Except with an ARMED SWAT TEAM!

Definition of "Terrorism" -  Funk and Wagnalls 1946
Funk and Wagnalls New Practical Standard Dictionary (1946)

Note:  The reason for the letter's informality is that
my company has carried out technical services for
the Tampa FCC office on several occasions . - L.K.

A.L. Kobres
Citizen of Florida


Please Reply:
c/o 1715 E. Fowler Ave.
Tampa, Florida
P.O. #33612




December 1, 1995

Mr. Ralph Barlow
2203 N. Lois Ave., Suite 1215
Tampa, Florida 33607

Dear Ralph,

This is my friendly, informal response to your apparent concern regarding my operation of Lutz Community Radio, a non-commercial, low-power broadcast station dedicated to the defense of God, family, and country. I can make a formal (at law) response, should that become necessary.

You know me well enough to appreciate that I am not a person inclined to exaggerate, lie, or deceive. The enclosed information that I am providing to you is well researched and documented fact, not mere opinion.

Unknown to we, the American people, our Constitution for the United States of America was essentially suspended by executive fiat on March 9, 1933. This was done by Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was done so that major changes in American law could be gradually implemented (Fabian Socialism). An elite minority, who wish to control the affairs of the majority, have engineered this radical, seditious change in our traditional law. By design, the majority of Americans have been distracted and are cleverly impeded from learning the truth in this matter. As more vigilant Americans discover this covert, unConstitutional change in their original law system, they are naturally compelled to revolt against it. This is not only their God-given right, it is their duty.

If a covert, unlawful change in American law isn't outrageous enough, the Ruling Elite also have a plan to gradually disband our military and eventually take our private firearms by force, if necessary. Such action is necessary in order to impose a socialist, dictatorial, World Government upon freedom loving Americans. This madness is "authorized" in Public Law 87-297 and State Department Document #7277.

As a final insult to informed, patriotic Americans, said Ruling Elite have invited Gorbachev to America to decide which of our military bases are to be shut down. He has also been involved in the ongoing destruction of our defensive missile installations. Gorbachev is quartered at the Presidio doing this right now! Said Elite continue to deploy the remaining U.S. troops to foreign lands to fight other peoples' wars. In Desert Storm, our troops were intentionally subjected to lethal, American made, biological, chemical, and nerve-gas agents. Now that the 500,000 Gulf War troops are back home, those still living are contaminating the rest of us, just as planned. Completing the picture, said Elite are now importing foreign troops and material to "suppress domestic insurrections" in America. Said Elite are allowing illegal aliens to flood into America by the millions, thereby guaranteeing domestic insurrections will occur. The Elite's motto is "Out of chaos comes order", a New World Order. Is this the legacy you want to leave for your children and grandchildren? I think not.

Ralph, have you heard very much about the above described atrocities in the National Media? Of course not. The [licensed] establishment media, having been commandeered by the Ruling Elite, has "failed" miserably in its duty to keep Americans informed. Hence, the Alternative (grassroots) Media is filling the gap. It is the American Way, you know that! Understand that Lutz Community Radio is just one of several thousand mini FM broadcast stations in operation right now in all fifty states getting this important information out to the American people. We are part of an even larger network that includes F.C.C. licensed AM & FM stations as well. We are all working together to get America back under control of her people peacefully. If we, the American people, are forcefully deprived of our God-given right to communicate with each other in order to activate a proper defense for our beloved America, there will be a bloody revolution.

Lutz Community Radio has many supporters, Ralph. Day or night, if a transmission failure occurs I immediately start getting phone calls wanting to know what has happened. In almost a year of operation, Lutz Community Radio has had no complaints of any kind. Apparently, only the government is complaining. And I'm not surprised, it is the job of the F.C.C. to enforce plank #6 of the Communist Manifesto (government control of communications...). It's not by coincidence that the F.C.C. was formed within a year of F.D.R.'s March 9, 1933, coup d'e tat.

Lutz Community Radio is operated by authority of the most powerful laws of the land: God's Law, our state & national Constitution, and the Doctrine of Necessity. It seems to me that if the federal government (under color of law) wants to penalize a low- power, community-based, non-commercial, educational/spiritual broadcast station for not taking a license, then such license must be made available in the first place. The F.C.C. no longer grants a license for less than 100 watts. 100W is an excessively high power level to cover a small community. Additionally, complicated paperwork and high filing fees put the 100 watt commercial license out of reach for the average person. Whatever happened to the 10 watt Class D educational license? Is this proof that it is a goal of the F.C.C. to totally frustrate community-based, low-power, non-commercial broadcasting?