Ever wonder what kind of person becomes a Mason?

  The following list represents a sampling of Masons in the Tampa Bay Area who are well known to the general public.

Bilirakis, Michael - U.S. Congressman, District 9
Carlisle, Dan - Carlisle Mercury
Dean, Keith William - High Twelve Lodge No. 317
Flammer, Karl - Karl Flammer Ford

Henderson, Cal - ex-Sheriff, Hillsborough County
Schwartzkopf, Norman - former U.S. General, Desert Storm commander

The Masonic brotherhood is founded on three basic principles. They are used to provide a moral guideline. The three tenets are Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.  Masons are taught that truth is found by "seeking the light."  The majority of Masons, good men as they are, presume the light emanates from a righteous God, specifically, the God of the Holy Bible.  But does it?  The handbook of Free Masonry is Morals and Dogma.   It was written by Albert Pike who was Grand Commander from 1859 to 1891.  Lower-degree Masons seldom read Morals and Dogma.  A copy is no longer given to each new member.  Masonry has been described as a "fraternity within a fraternity," with the lower-degrees having little knowledge of the actual works carried out by their most high ranking, influential members.

The identity of the light bearer is found on page 321:

Masons serve Lucifer, according to their literature !

Masonic leadership is all-pervasive in business and politics.   With Lucifer as their guiding light, is it any wonder that big-business and government have sold out the American people?