U.S. Rep. Bilirakis Asked to Help Stop FCC Attacks on Lutz Community Radio

From: Phil Kempin
16610 Waterwood Drive
Lutz, FL 33549

Dear Mr. Bilirakis,

First, I must compliment you on your aide, Robert. I am embarrassed to admit I don't know his last name. Robert has been extremely helpful, very professional, while at the same time exceedingly polite and friendly. Something not always found in bureaucratic offices. Thank you again for Robert. You have reason to be proud.

Now, to my second reason for writing. Over the last couple years my eyesight has deteriorated and I am now "legally blind." This has cramped, somewhat, my money making ability. I have begun putting together a small newsletter. As reading in the conventional manner is difficult, much of my information comes to me by radio. More specifically, from an unlicensed, mini broadcaster known as Lutz Community Radio, 96.7 FM. The station owner made the serious mistake of carrying very conservative programming much of it unflattering to the Clinton administration. As you'll see from the enclosed news accounts, the station was forcefully taken off the air on March 6, 1996, when armed, Federal Marshals, wearing flak jackets, with weapons loaded and drawn, confiscated all his broadcast equipment. Scaring the devil out of him and his grade school teacher wife. But, this man, a Vietnam veteran, a Christian and a hard rock conservative, turned right around that very same evening, purchased new gear, and put the station right back on the air. God bless him.

I am writing to ask your assistance in helping this poor, lone soul out here in Lutz Land, who continues to attempt to bring a modicum of political truth to the area. If you think your actions could worsen his situation, please disregard and burn this letter. I know the IRS does not look with favor on politically conservative voices and those whose thinking is not in line with the present administration. This is, I am finding, very well known throughout conservative writers in the U.S. Many are going underground. Frankly they're scared to publish. Please, please keep my name out of any possible action you may take concerning the radio station issue. A blind man wouldn't fare at all well in a battle with the IRS.