Letter to U.S. Rep. Bilirakis protests FCC actions against Lutz Community Radio - Bilirakis Refused to respond to concerns!

Arthur L. Kobres
Lutz, Florida, U.S.A.
c/o 1715 E. Fowler Ave., #17,
Tampa, Florida 33612

January 7, 1998

Via Certified Mail: P-389-014-854

The Honorable Michael Bilirakis
U.S. Congressman, District 9
4111 Land O'Lakes Blvd., Suite 306
Land O'Lakes, Florida 34639

Dear Mr. Bilirakis,

Your constituent, Mr. Phil Kempin, contacted you early last year, as a result of his increasing concern that the Federal Communications Commission was not acting in good faith with respect to its dealings with me and Lutz Community Radio, which is the un-licenseable micropower broadcast station that I operate from a nook in my garage as a public service on 96.7 Mhz.

In your letter of April 4, 1997, you informed Mr. Kempin that you would be "glad to initiate a Congressional inquiry" into the above referenced matter. Enclosed, please find a copy of that letter. A blank F.O.I.A. request form was included with your letter, with instructions for me to complete it, so that you could begin the inquiry.

On April 14, 1997, I filled out the F.O.I.A. form and signed it, just as you requested. Mr. Kempin submitted it to you, just as you instructed. Enclosed, please find a copy of the completed F.O.I.A. form. After several weeks elapsed without a response, Mr. Kempin contacted your Land O'Lakes office. He learned that Mr. Robert Colen, of your Washington D.C. office, had lost all of the documentation pertaining to the original 3/7/96 F.C.C. attack. Mr. Kempin was asked to resubmit the documentation, which he did. He was given to understand that the issue would definitely be addressed and that I would be contacted, presumably with definitive information which would lead to a civilized, peaceful resolution to the known dangerous situation.

I was again not contacted as promised, and our increasing concerns were further intensified, as a result. Mr. Kempin again placed an inquiry with your Land O' Lakes office. He was again told that I would be hearing from you "very soon". A few days later my wife and I were awakened by the sound of a police helicopter hovering dangerously low over our home. An early morning, November 19, 1997, armed assault upon the person and property of the Kobres' family was carried out for several hours by supposed officials of the "law". It was extremely intimidating just as it, evidently, was intended to be.

Much to our dismay, we have been unable to obtain adequate protection from our county sheriff. He won't even communicate with us, except with a loaded gun.

As a result of your failing to make good on your promises, not only have we suffered extreme humiliation and mental anguish, but we must also be very concerned that I may go to prison for up to 28 years, and that's not to mention the potential $2.8M fine and the enormous legal expense. It is difficult to imagine how we will ever recover from the negative effects of this terrorist attack and betrayal sanctioned by elected government officials, who are empowered to protect only. I did not serve and protect my country in the military, only to be subjected to such un- Godly treatment as a civilian!

Was this military style, armed assault upon two unarmed, peaceful citizens, in lieu of Mr. Kempin's formally requested, civilized approach to the same issue, an action that you condoned? If not, why is it that you have, to this day, neglected to offer any formal response whatsoever, not even a simple letter of apology for government officials having miserably mishandled the entire situation?

We are anxiously awaiting your reply.



Sheriff Cal Henderson
World Wide Web