The Citizens Rule Book

A handy, pocket-sized, booklet that contains the following:

  • Declaration  of Independence

  • Constitution for the United States of America

  • Bill of Rights

  • Comprehensive discussion of your true rights and duties when serving as a juror - valuable information that you are not supposed to know.

If we are to survive as a free people, it is essential that we study and apply the information contained in this booklet.  The size of the booklet makes it practical to keep copies in several places for easy reference.   You may want to keep one near your shortwave receiver, in your glove box, tackle box, or night stand, not to mention right inside your shirt pocket most of the time.  The Citizens Rule Book has become the standard companion of virtually everyone involved in the Freedom Movement.

Front - actual size

Citizens Rule Book - front

For your copy send $2 wrapped in foil along with a return address to:

Citizens Rule Book
c/o 2780 E. Fowler Ave., #203
Tampa, Florida  33612

Back - actual size

Citizens Rule Book - back